• Kiss that Kills

    Kiss that Kills

    Premieres Jan 7, Sun, 9.30PM (8.30PM JKT/BKK). Same Time As Japan!

    Experience a kiss to die for, again and again…
  • anone


    Premieres Jan 13, Sat, 7.30PM (6.30PM JKT/BKK). Same Week As Japan!

    Can two broken strangers form a family again?
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  • May I blackmail you?

    May I blackmail you?

    Mon & Tue, 9PM (8PM JKT/BKK).

    He's your answer when even the police can't help!
  • Kamen Teacher

    Kamen Teacher

    Premieres Jan 5, Fri, 10.10PM (9.10PM JKT/BKK).

    An extraordinary teacher meets extraordinary students! Can he change them for the better?
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  • 'Kiss that Kills' - Up Close & Personal with Kento Yamazaki


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